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Mathews SOLOCAM Q2XL Compound Bow

Best Price: $400.0

Buy Mathews SOLOCAM Q2XL Compound Bow Now

Up for auction is a Mathews SOLOCAM Q2XL Compound Bow. Used though in exceptional condition. A brief on the condition of this bow: I am a Pennsylvania resident (white tail country) and have been a rifleman since my early teens. I purchased this bow a few years back from Deer Creek Archery down in Maryland with every intention of becoming a bow hunter. A few children later along with a number of houses the job the business… this bow never made it out of my back yard. This bow has never seen the bush. Never been dragged up a tree stand. Not a scratch. Flawless. I had to dust it off for the pics. It has been on a rubber coatedhook for the past few years. The only thing this bow has killed is an Eternity Target and afew dozen wabbits that made the fatal decision of messing with my wife’s gardens. Since I have no interest in purchasing another bow there will be quite a number of accessories included with the auction price. They are as follows:

Mathews SOLOCAM Q2XL (38� axle to axle)
Mathews Large Bow Case: Semi rigid, OD green and coyote brown heavy ballistic nylon pack cloth, trimmed and reinforced with suede leather, brass d-rings and zippers. Nice. 6.5� V-Flite Hi-Tek stabilizer.
Bow Sling Braded black and brown para, leather mounted under stab.
Total view GK peep.
Toxonics Solo-Trak Fiber Optic sites with removable light assembly. Uses 1 AAA battery.
Kwikee Kwiver with mounting bracket. Holds four arrows.
#2030 Mat-1 Schaffer over draw.
1 Scott Lil Goose leather release. Adjustable trigger. Most excellent. Camo wrist protector. Great for keeping winter garments out of the path of bow string.
Arrows: Gold Tip XT Hunter 5575 Graphite cut to 27� excluding nock and points. 4� Feather fletching one red two white. Fully adjustable nocks. Extra field points 100gr. 5 100gr. Wasp expandable broadheads. Two dozen arrows originally ordered. 3 have been maintained for practice. 3 have been set aside that are in need of fletching repair. 16 have never been used! 2 are missing (which also had the last remaining stump thumpers attached to them) most excellent for thumping wabbits) sorry.
1 MTM Case-Gard. Abstract Camo pattern hard arrow case.
24 extra adjustable nocks including two wrenches.
1 tube of Fletch-Tite fletching and or nock adhesive. 1 bottle of RMC Fletch-Dry. Cool stuff. 1 bow carry sling with fast-tex quick release attachments.
8 extra nock marks. 1 tube of Black Lightning bowstring wax.
1 extra Kwikee Kwiver mounting bracket.
1 Bowmaster portable bow press. Nice quality tool.
1 nock mark crimping tool.
1 nock mark t-square in both conventional and metric.
Original Mathews SOLOCAM Q2XL owners manual and original receipts.

Note: Since this bow was purchased at a Mathews Pro Shop an offering that I took advantage of was personalizing the bow. You will notice on the right side of the palm my name and the shop of origin is engraved with a faint relief. The palm is made of what looks like walnut. The minor task of light spot sanding, re-stain and tongue oil or varnish will restore it to the original finish. Or not… the engraving is very small and faint.

Shipping, packaging and insurance included in the winning auction price.

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